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Real estate agent in Kagohara

Real estate agent in Kagohara Kinokuni-shoji Co., Ltd.

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I support the relief of important real estate, and certain and advantageous sale.

What is the point which should be most thought as important by real estate company 選び which leaves sale?
It is "the consulting power from the visitor's viewpoint."
Even if it tells real estate sale to ひ and a mouth, needs, such as the purpose, a scale, conditions, are different, respectively.
therefore, it united with each case -- it dresses up and warm correspondence is important.

■ Start real estate sale service of Kinokuni-shoji from my hearing about demand of a visitor firmly.

Full use of the local Network built over many years and abundant operating knowledge is made, and I make the sale plan which can meet the demand of a visitor as much as possible. The method of an issue price, sale start time, a period, and sale and an advertisement etc. will propose by drawing up the sale plan under which the characteristic of possession real estate can be harnessed in the maximum.

Moreover, much money and a legal problem may crop up about sale.
I will carry out the proposal with experts, such as a lawyer and a licensed tax accountant, which cooperated then.

■ Information dispatch on the Internet

The first method of now using for the search for a home became information gathering on the Internet. However, there is a problem the updating frequency of a housing is "low" "as a housing is merely put on a homepage", "information to know is not enough", etc., and although the effect is obtained with the real estate industry, in it, it does not necessarily become precocious.
In Kinokuni-shoji, this tendency was thought as important from early and power has been put into information dispatch on the Internet. Taking advantage of the know-how, we are sending clear information to many of the users quickly by the original method and the original contents of our company.

■ It can do just because it is a local adhesion company.

Realty business has many things which are not understood to a some other man. For example, neither the history and the climate of a town, nor residents' disposition is known only by data. This is not understanding, if it is not in local for years.
Kinokuni-shoji will consider local trust in the first place in Kagohara and Kumagaya for about 30 years, and is continuing business. It considers standing on a visitor's role based on the trust, knowledge, and Network over the many years.

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Real estate agent in Kagohara