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1. Speed sale

Usually, when selling off the real estate which it has, a real estate company is requested and a purchase desire person is looked for. This is called mediation, agency, etc. A real estate company performs sales works, such as advertisement and an advertisement, and looks for a purchase desire person.

However, the search for a purchase desire person is the most difficult at sale. The demand and supply of real estate go up and down a season, business, etc. by the flow of a world. Therefore, the real estate which it has on condition of hope cannot necessarily be sold off.

A purchase desire person is not necessarily the more general one. Real estate may be looked for as objects for enterprises, such as a housebuilder, a developer, a sale-in-lots contractor. Then, our company makes full use of a broad Network, and does promotion to these contractors instead of a visitor. It is not that of "waiting to sell" and says, "It goes to sell."

2. Merit

Let's mention the merit in speed sale.

■ Even dealing formation can be performed early.

In order to go "to sell", waiting time is the shortest and ends. Not the more general one but since a purchase desire person is a contractor, if conditions are ready, he can be immediately materialized in dealing.

■ The sale price of hope can be set up.

It can take out with a price of hope to sell.

■ The time of delivery can be adjusted.

Is the trouble of people with removal plans -- "I want to buy a new house, when it is under habitation now and the present house sells" -- "how much to be able to make a selling point of when"? In speed sale, the time of delivery can be adjusted for convenience' sake [ of the seller ].

■ Privacy is protected.

In sale of the real estate by agency, the fact and sale price of sale will be released to the direction of many and unspecified persons by the Internet, a magazine, the flier, a signboard, etc. for an advertisement. In speed sale, since an advertisement is not performed, it can sell off, without being known by whom.

■ There is no complicated negotiation with a purchase desire person.

Our company also performs complicated negotiation with a pro's contractor instead.

■ Any housings correspond as much as possible.

Full use of all Networks is made and a purchase desire person is looked for.

■ Even when balances remain, I do negotiation with a creditor.

When the mortgage of a financial institution etc. is set up, our company is able to negotiate so that it can exempt. First of all, please contact me.

3. Notes

■ The area which can be bought mainly serves as Kumagaya-shi, Saitama and neighboring community.
It may be possible also in other areas.

■ It may be unable to buy according to conditions.

■ In addition to this, it may not attach to demand by judgment of our company.

1. Condition consultation

A visitor performs the simple appraisal of the real estate which it has, and consults about a price, conditions and a contract, the time of delivery, etc.

2. Mediation contract

An initial public offering price is determined for an assessed value price as reference, and please conclude a mediation contract. Mediation contracts include a "under-exclusive-contract exclusive duty mediation contract", "a full-time mediation contract", and a "general mediation contract."

3. Sales work

Full use of the Network of the same trade and different business of our company is made, and a purchase desire person is looked for.
Since an advertisement and advertisement do not perform, there is not what sale is generally found for.

4. Sales contract

I do adjustment of concrete contract terms, such as terms of sale, a delivered day, a method of payment, as a purchase desire person.
If it agrees, important matter explanation will be given and a sales contract will be exchanged.
At this time, a visitor receives a deposit from a buyer.

5. Housing delivery

Preparations required by a date of delivery are made.
- Preparation of various documents, such as an abstract of title, a certified seal registration, and evaluation proof
- If there is a mortgage, it will be the erasion procedure.
- Proportional division settlement of accounts of a fixed property tax etc.

I pass 残代金 at a date of delivery, and it applies for registration to a judicial scrivener.

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