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1. Acquisition

Usually, when selling off the real estate which it has, a real estate company is requested and a purchase desire person is looked for. This is called mediation, agency, etc. A real estate company performs sales works, such as advertisement and an advertisement, and looks for a purchase desire person.
However, the one where sale is more difficult comes under various situations, such as "I want to hurry sale", "it being unable to make a selling point of agency easily", "I wanting to sell off secretly", and "land being too large and a buyer not being." It is the service which buys real estate directly by our company becoming a purchase desire person for such a direction.
Thereby, the seller is released from the problem and trouble which had occurred by the most difficult search for a purchase desire person.

2. Merit

There are many merits in the acquisition by our company. The dissatisfaction and burden of the seller in sale by the usual agency are improvable.

■ Even dealing formation can be performed early.

Real estate cannot be forever sold off, if a purchase desire person is not decided. However, since our company becomes a purchase desire person, acts and time of acquisition, such as an advertisement and sale, are unnecessary. If there is an application, it can carry out at the shortest from an appraisal to a contract in about three days.

■ It can respond to sale of hurry.

To those who need cash, it can encash immediately by hurry. Since dealings will be completed at the shortest in three to 30 days, the sale united with the seller's convenience is possible.

■ The time of delivery can be adjusted.

the trouble of people with removal plans -- "I want to buy a new house, when it is under habitation now and the present house sells" -- "how much can it make a selling point of when"? でしょう. In acquisition, the time of delivery can be adjusted for convenience' sake [ of the seller ].

■ Privacy is protected.

In sale of the real estate by agency, the fact and sale price of sale will be released to the direction of many and unspecified persons by the Internet, a magazine, the flier, a signboard, etc. for an advertisement. Since it is absolutely none that it is such in acquisition, it can sell off without being known by whom.

■ There is neither an open house nor the necessity for guidance.

It is necessary to guide the real estate which has a purchase desire person in sale. Probably, in the case of a house or an apartment, guidance is needed to an inside. It is serious to show the direction of many and unspecified persons. Furthermore, when not decided, it becomes a repetition any number of times. In acquisition, such time and effort or labor are not.

■ A mediating fee is unnecessary.

The usual mediating fee is "a 3% of +60,000 yen + consumption tax of a sale price." For example, when the real estate which it has is sold off for 30 million yen, a 1,008,000 yen mediating fee is needed. Therefore, a present price will change to about 29 million yen. However, since a mediating fee is unnecessary in acquisition, a sale price serves as a present price as it is.

■ There is no troublesome negotiation with a purchase desire person.

In agency, there is negotiation of the price-reduction negotiation with a purchase desire person, dealings time, etc. The case where dealings are impossible only for convenience' sake [ of the seller ] increases. Moreover, in order to make it easy to sell, development of land and reformation may be required. In acquisition, there is also no excessive negotiation and I can sell it off with present condition.

■ It can certainly sell off.

In agency, there is no telling when it can sell off. Price reduction is also needed if it does not sell forever. There is no security which still sells anywhere. In acquisition, such labor is unnecessary.

■ Any housings correspond as much as possible.

For example, if there is the fine print, such as "too large", being "too narrow", a form is "bad", and "a life being inconvenient", when selling off land, a purchase desire person will not be found easily. We will do all possible acquisition, after considering all the conditions.

■ Even when balances remain, I do negotiation with a creditor.

When the mortgage of a financial institution etc. is set up, our company is able to negotiate so that it can exempt. First of all, please contact me.

3. Notes

■ The area which can be bought mainly serves as Kumagaya-shi, Saitama and neighboring community.
It may be possible also in other areas.

■ It may be unable to buy according to conditions.

■ In addition to this, it may not attach to demand by judgment of our company.

1. Appraisal

The state of a housing is investigated. Furthermore, a detailed price is assessed after considering a surrounding dealing example and a surrounding market trend, land assessments, etc. It refers to this, and I buy it and show a price.

2. Condition consultation

I consult about a price, conditions and a contract, the time of delivery, etc.

3. Sales contract

A sales contract is exchanged.
At this time, I pass the seller a deposit.

4. Housing delivery

Preparations required by a date of delivery are made.
- Preparation of various documents, such as an abstract of title, a certified seal registration, and evaluation proof
- If there is a mortgage, it will be the erasion procedure.
- Proportional division settlement of accounts of a fixed property tax etc.

I pass 残代金 at a date of delivery, and it applies for registration to a judicial scrivener.

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