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1. Detailed appraisal

at a price of the present and how much a visitor's possession real estate sells -- ? -- although everyone is just going to be worrisome, the price of real estate was not necessarily decided exactly.

Then, our company visits and investigates a visitor's property object, and actually assesses it. A more exact assessment result can be obtained by carrying out the direct survey not only of a housing but the surrounding situation etc. Of course, it hears by secret strict observance.

* Please understand beforehand that it is also when handling is impossible with an area.

It is recommendation in such a direction.
- The direction which wants to know the most exact possible real estate price
- The direction which a concrete price wants for sale to already determine and to know
- A direction [ in a simple appraisal, it is uneasy because of the housing which is not common ]

2. Appraisal method

In a detailed appraisal, an expected price is computed by referring to the following data, experience of our company, and performance.

- Data of an area modeled after a neighboring dealing example, land assessments, demand, etc.
- Common data of housings, such as area of land or a building, room arrangement, and 築年数
- Peculiar data of housings, such as land, appearance of a building, form, equipment, and road attachment
- Environmental data of a life environment, transportation condition, an attendance unit, a dislike institution, etc.
- The right and statute data of a mortgage, the right of lease, the Building Standard Law, the Town Planning and Zoning Act, etc.

This is summarized to a real estate price investigation report.

3. Required thing

A visitor's name and the following other than the connection method are needed.
Even if there is nothing, an appraisal is possible, but a more exact appraisal can be performed if it is.

In the case of land
- Abstract of title
- Matters-registered certificate (certified copy of register)
- Recorded map
- Survey map

In the case of a building
- The abstract of title of land
- The matters-registered certificate of land (certified copy of register)
- Recorded map
- Survey map
- The abstract of title of a building
- The matters-registered certificate of a building (certified copy of register)
- The drawings of a building (plan side etc.)

4. Frequently asked question

Is money applied to an appraisal?
I do an appraisal for nothing. Please do not hesitate to consult.

Can a detailed appraisal be performed suddenly without carrying out a simple appraisal?
Of course, it can do. Please do not hesitate to consult.

How much time does it take?
To a visitor's property object, I interfere about 30 minutes. Then, I reply within one week.

Must it sell, if it assesses?
There is no such thing. Please judge sale based on an assessed value price.

Must it make a selling point of a price of an appraisal?
Probably, a visitor has convenience and hope. Finally the visitor itself decides a sale price. Since "it is said that this price probably sells" to the last, please refer [ of pricing ] to an assessed value price.

An assessed value price changes with real estate companies?
There is not necessarily a regular method in the appraisal of a real estate price. Therefore, an assessed value price changes with experience of the real estate company, or survey contents and judgment. Since the assessed value price is high, it is not a good thing which can be referred to as bad since it is cheap. The basis of an appraisal be clear and should refer to that to which it can be convinced.

Should he leave it to the real estate company where an assessed value price is the highest?
although it is a very difficult problem, an assessed value price is high -- cheap -- you should not come out and judge. If it assesses optimistically, it will become high, and it will become cheap if it assesses carefully. This changes with the real estate companies and persons in charge who requested.
Therefore, the real estate company which leaves should make "to know about local well", "dealing being the main business", "the basis of an appraisal being clear", "a person's in charge attitude, personal character", etc. a criterion of judgement.

Doesn't it know offering in the neighborhood?
In the stage of an appraisal, it is not known in the neighborhood. Please consult in comfort.

If it is an assessed value price, does it certainly sell?
Although I feel sorry, an assessed value price is an expected price. It cannot be said that it is certain. However, if actual conclusion is seen, there is a tendency currently concluded early as the person who won publicity as a price near an assessed value price.

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