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Real estate agent in Kagohara

Real estate agent in Kagohara Kinokuni-shoji Co., Ltd.

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集客, a contract, a trouble, etc. solve a trouble and uneasiness of lease, and I support it on clear performance.

- Tenant collection does not work.
- Although it is transfer, what do we do with the house in which he lives now?
- There is a house which is not used.
- The procedure of a contract or updating is uneasy.
- The trouble at the time of leaving is anxious.
- I am troubled by back rent.
There are various troubles and troubles in など and lease.

We provide various services, such as a troublesome procedure and a management job, in order to answer to the needs of the visitor who wants to lend possession real estate.

[The main contents of service] [Handling housing]
- Lease operating explanation and enumeration
- Mediation contract conclusion
- Tenant collection, guidance
- Contract negotiation, tenant examination
- Rental contract
- Key delivery
- Collection of management commission, a rent, etc.
- Processing of a claim etc.
- Updating and cancellation
- Repair
- House
- Apartment
- Apartment
- Office
- Store
- Factory
- Parking lot
- Land
- Farmland

Real estate rental service of Kinokuni-shoji is started from my hearing about demand of a visitor firmly.

Full use of the local Network built over many years and abundant operating knowledge is made, and I make the lease plan which can meet the demand of a visitor as much as possible. The method of a rent, collection, and an advertisement etc. will propose by drawing up the lease plan under which the characteristic of possession real estate can be harnessed in the maximum.

Moreover, much money and a legal problem may crop up about lease.
I will carry out the proposal with experts, such as a lawyer and a licensed tax accountant, which cooperated then.

■ Information dispatch on the Internet

The first method of now using for the search for a home became information gathering on the Internet. However, there is a problem the updating frequency of a housing is "low" "as a housing is merely put on a homepage", "information to know is not enough", etc., and although the effect is obtained with the real estate industry, in it, it does not necessarily become precocious.
In Kinokuni-shoji, this tendency was thought as important from early and power has been put into information dispatch on the Internet. Taking advantage of the know-how, we are sending clear information to many of the users quickly by the original method and the original contents of our company.

■ It can do just because it is a local adhesion company.

Realty business has many things which are not understood to a some other man. For example, neither the history and the climate of a town, nor residents' disposition is known only by data. This is not understanding, if it is not in local for years.
Kinokuni-shoji will consider local trust in the first place in Kagohara and Kumagaya for about 30 years, and is continuing business. It considers standing on a visitor's role based on the trust, knowledge, and Network over the many years.

A dealing loan of land and a building is to "Real estate agent in Kagohara" Kinokuni-shoji.
First of all, please do not hesitate to consult.

Real estate agent in Kagohara