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1. Lease consultation

He visits the hope of a visitor's lease conditions, the situation which considered lease, etc. it proposed, when there were methods other than lease -- it carries out. In lease, I hear about hope, such as a rent, conditions, and time, and it proposes a plan. Please do not hesitate to ask.

2. Housing investigation

The location of a housing, the structure, 築年数, circumference environment, etc. where our company wants to actually visit and lend out a visitor's property object are investigated. I propose collection conditions, such as a rent, a deposit with landlord, a reward, investigating a proper rent rate from results of an investigation and market data, and also weaving in demand of the owner. Moreover, I propose the care outside the interior of a room considered to be required in a loan explanation of the detailed contents of service etc.

3. Mediation contract

If investigation is completed, collection conditions, remuneration regulation, etc. will be determined and a mediation contract will be concluded.
Mediation contracts include a "under-exclusive-contract exclusive duty mediation contract", "a full-time mediation contract", and a "general mediation contract." It is the best, or it consults and which mediation contract is determined.

4. Collection activities

Data and a drawing are created in our company, and collection activities are performed based on the data.

Collection activities are mainly performed by the following methods.
- Internet
- Shop front
- Signboard
- Shelter magazine
- Newspaper insertion flier
- The recommendation to other real estate agents

I will do housing guidance, if there is a lease candidate.

5. Application receptionist

If an application is received from a lease candidate, tenant examination will be performed in our company.
When the time of an application receptionist and an examination result come out, I check the propriety of a contract to the owner.

6. Sell-and-lease agreement

If agreement is made about a lease candidate and contract terms, important matter explanation will be given and a sell-and-lease agreement will be exchanged. Our company does vicarious execution of a contract as an owner Mr. substitute. Management of the conclusion, the money settlement of accounts, and the key to contract creation and a lease contract etc. is complied with several formalities.

7. Housing delivery

Guidance, procedure, etc. of procedure, such as electricity, water service, and gas, student council expense, etc. give explanation for moving in.
Moreover, a check and situation of the state at the time of moving in are checked with a tenant.

8. Housing management

By the service plan of the contract, I provide various services.

■ Check of a housing, management, repair
■ Correspondence of the inquiry from a tenant and a neighboring person, a claim, etc.
■ Rent collection
■ Renewal-of-a-contract procedure

9. Leaving

If a cancellation report is received, it will attend at a recession day there. An indoor repair part is checked with a leaving person in that case. Then, the estimate of reformation is taken out promptly and deposit-with-landlord settlement of accounts is arranged.

10. Re-collection

Re-collection is performed immediately. I will test by comparison and propose reexamination of collection conditions, required reformation, etc. to the lease situation in - area at the time in that case.

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